Selected Translations

Takeuchi Yoshimi, “Okakura Tenshin: Civilization Critique from the Standpoint of Asia,” Review of Japanese Culture and Society 24 (Dec. 2012)

Yamabe Rei, “Kawara On’s Quantum Gravitational Body, or the Confinement of Space-Time and the Liberation of Consciousness,” On Kawara: Date Painting(s) in New York and 136 Other Cities (New York: David Zwirner Gallery, 2012)

Mita Munesuke and Hashizume Daisaburō, “Does the Information/Consumption Society have a Future?” ICC InterCommunication 22 (Aut. 1997)

Matsuura Hisaki, “Screen: Disclosure and Exposure,” ICC InterCommunication Annual ’96

And other Japanese to English translations on art, architecture, and philosophy