Japanese Literature Curriculum Modules

These modules were created in 2006-07 for the Japan Society of New York’s About Japan project, in collaboration with K-12 teachers, teacher educators, and Japan Society staff. (“What’s the Matter with Saying ‘The Orient’?” was written for About Japan in 2009.) Hill leads teacher-education workshops on Japanese literature, film, and history for the Japan Society, to facilitate introduction of Japanese culture and history in language-arts and social-studies classes in primary and secondary schools.

“Changing Times, Changing Styles: New Japanese Literary Styles of the Late 19th Century,” on the stylistic transformations of the Meiji period

“Individual and Society: Natsume Sôseki and the Literature of the Early 20th Century,” on subjectivity and individuality in Sôseki’s fiction

“The ‘I’ Novels in the Context of Early 20th-Century Japan,” on the emergence of autobiographical fiction

“Akutagawa Ryunosuke and the Taisho Modernists,” on the formal experimentation of the 1920s

“National Identity and Literature from Okinawa,” on Okinawan writers’ treatment of Okinawan identity and their position in the Japanese canon